Red Skin Remedies

Red Skin on the face is a common irritation with a number of different causes – from rosacea, to acne, flushing, sun damage or general irritation, just to name a few. While general redness can be controlled with cosmetics, cleansers and lifestyle changes, more severe irritation could be a condition that requires addition treatment.

Everyone has dealt with red skin irritation at some stage! So we’ve put together a short list of red skin remedies to read through, and find a possible solution that best fits your problem.

Corrective Concealer –

try using a corrective concealer with a yellow or green tint. Concealer relies on principles of complementary colours to balance colour tones, which is why green-tinted foundations in particular work well to correct redness.
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Product Testing –

if you’re experiencing regular unexplainable redness… consult the range of products you use on your skin, as one of them may be causing a reaction. Try cutting back on all of them, and then introducing them one by one to find the culprit.

Sun Protection –

a lot of redness is from sun exposure. If you spend time outside everyday, try putting on sunscreen before you leave the house. Look for “non-comedogenic” sunscreens that won’t clog your pores, or moisturisers and face creams that have sunblock features.

Special Treatments –

there are a number of special treatments that can help with facial redness.

  1. Moisturizers with phospholipids, hyaluronic acid and hydrocortisone are all great for plumping up skin and calming down redness (consult pharmacist or dermatologist before testing).
  2. Aloe-vera creams help reduce inflammation.
  3. Direct and sparring application of coconut oil to dry skin redness works as a natural emollient, which locks in moisture.
  4. Oatmeal masks are great for sooth many forms of reddening irritation. Simply soak pure oats in water before applying to face for at least 30 minutes.

Hydration –

drinking water and eating hydrating foods such as apples, celery, coconuts, cucumbers, melons, peaches, spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes and broccoli – which contain antioxidants, can help fight skin irritation from the inside out.

We hope this helps! To start your facial skin care regime with a fresh slate… contact Serene Day Spa about our range of Facial Rejuvenation services today!