Top 6 Reasons Why Are Skin Needling Procedures Gaining So Much Popularity?

Skin needling pocedures

As soon as you hit the 20-year mark, your skin collagen levels decrease by 1%. If you are in your 20s, you must have noticed the elasticity of your skin losing its properties already. Moreover, it could get worse once you enter your 30s because of excessive sun damage. This could then lead to various skin problems, such as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and signs of aging. 

If you wish to treat all these skin issues in one go, skin needling is your answer. 

What is skin needling, and how does it work?

Wondering What does skin needling do?’ Here’s the answer – Skin needling works best to enhance collagen production, which is why it is also called collagen induction therapy. Unlike surgical procedures, skin needling is a painless procedure that creates tiny punctures in your skin with the help of fine needles. To heal these punctures, the skin then produces collagen and elastin cells. This leaves you with a rejuvenated skin. 

The number of advantages this micro-needling procedure offers is what sets it apart from the other methods. To know more about the benefits of skin needling, keep reading.

  • Minimally Invasive Nature:

One of the standout benefits that make skin needling a crowd favourite lies in its minimally invasive nature. Compared to other intrusive cosmetic procedures, skin needling offers a gentler approach to skincare. Unlike its surgical counterparts, this minimally invasive technique reduces downtime and discomfort. With minimum downtime, skin needling allows you to get back to work with minimal disruption. 

  • Versatility in Treating Skin Concerns:

Skin needling emerges as the ultimate skincare ally, showcasing its versatility in tackling a range of skin concerns. With skin needling, you will no longer have to struggle with stubborn acne scars or battle hyperpigmentation. Picture those tiny needles working their magic, promoting collagen production and gradually reducing those pesky acne scars. Thus, it will pave the way for achieving an even skin tone.

  • Advancements in Technology:

Step into the future of skincare with skin needling’s technological prowess. At Serene Day Spa, we take your skin-needling experience to the next level by utilizing a professional peel exclusively designed for Dermapen. Specially crafted for enhanced cellular turnover, this peel targets signs of aging, acne, and hyperpigmentation. 

To know more about this facial skin needling process, you can get in touch with our professionals at (08) 9245 8188.

  • Safety Considerations and Professional Guidance: 

Often, DIY methods or other alternative procedures may have adverse effects on your skin, which is why safety must be highly prioritized. However, you can stay assured when you opt for skin needling through Serene Day Spa, as our professionals ensure a personalized and secure approach. Entrusting your skin to us will not only minimize risks but also maximize the effectiveness of the procedure. 

  • Sun Damage:

One of the biggest benefits of skin needling is its ability to deal with sun damage. Over-exposure to the sun can lead to hyperpigmentation and age spots. Skin needling is your faithful ally in tackling this problem. With its ability to stimulate new collagen and skin cells, skin needling can help your skin feel rejuvenated like never before.

  • Shrinks Pores:

As you grow older, wrinkles and skin discoloration become quite evident. However, it is not just restricted to this; your skin also starts to lose elasticity and appears lax. This may then make your skin appear dull. However, skin needling could help you overcome these skin issues. Collagen production through skin needling can help you improve the skin structure and fight sagging. 


From its minimally invasive nature and versatility in addressing various skin concerns to technological advancements, skin needling has emerged as a transformative solution. Moreover, the safety and expert guidance of our professionals underscores their commitment to a secure and personalized experience. However, before you opt for the procedure, it is also important to learn about the potential skin needling side effects through a professional.

To avail of these benefits of skin needling and learn more about the procedure, call (08) 9245 8188 today.