Regardless of what your social calendar looks like throughout the year, over the Christmas period, it’s usually parties galore!

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But, being busy doesn’t mean you should neglect yourself. From taking care of your body and skin to indulging in a facial or a spray tan, looking your best over the holidays is easier than you might think.


As the Christmas period gets closer, so does the hot, dry Australian summer. This means keeping hydrated is vital if you want to maintain your skin’s radiance, and of course, for your health’s sake.

Without enough water, your skin can start looking duller, and wrinkles and pores can begin to appear more prominent. This is because water is believed to plump the skin, causing wrinkles and pores to get, more or less, filled in. Collagen also needs access to plenty of water to function at maximum capacity, and since collagen is responsible for skin elasticity, getting plenty of H2O is a must.

Plus, drinking plenty of water will help keep you better hydrated, improve your physical performance, prevent and treat headaches, while also improving brain function, among other things.

While it’s recommended that you drink eight glasses of water per day, the exact quantity your body requires will vary depending on your height, weight, and activity levels.


When you’re busy finalising things at work for the end of the year, getting all of your Christmas shopping done, and crawling into bed at all hours after attending your growing list of Christmas events, getting enough shut-eye can seem like an impossible prospect. However, a good night’s sleep comes with countless benefits that make slipping into bed even more rewarding.

A lack of sleep can help increase weight gain (something you don’t want when you’re already indulging on extra festive treats), help improve your concentration, and put you in a better, more festive mood! Regular sleep will also ensure your immune system is functioning at full capacity and will make you look and feel healthier.

As you sleep, your body will boost the flow of blood to your skin, so a snooze will actually help you achieve a glowing complexion that will look fantastic when paired with a new dress at your work Christmas party.


At this time of year, rich foods and indulgent desserts can be found just about everywhere you go, which makes maintaining a healthy diet almost impossible. However, if you have the strength to limit yourself to just one dessert, rather than absorbing the whole buffet, your body will thank you.

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Not only will clean eating keep your waistline happy, it will also ensure your skin looks its best too. The food you eat can have a huge impact on your face. From wrinkle-fighting antioxidants that can be found in fruits and vegetables and the hydrating healthy fats that are hidden in foods like fish; maintaining a healthy diet can help you achieve A+ skin.


It’s Christmas – so why not give your skin a pick-me-up with our Omnilux Light Therapy or Vitabrasion treatment?

If you want to give your skin a real boost our Omnilux Light Therapy could be just the thing for you. This non-invasive light source naturally stimulates your body’s collagen and elastin production increases hydration and rejuvenates dull skin. Rather than putting on a face full of makeup, you’ll be able to attend your holiday events with nothing but your beautiful, radiant skin. You can achieve this in three, six or nine sessions.

Another fantastic option is our Vitabrasion Microdermabrasion treatment. This involves using a diamond wand to deeply exfoliate your skin, followed by a vitamin infusion with low-frequency Ultrasonopheresis soundwaves to infuse active ingredients deeper into the skin. This can improve the overall look, texture and colour of your skin and can be completed in as little as 60-minutes.

However, if you want to give some loving attention to your whole body, so you can confidently pull out that strappy little number that’s been gathering dust in your closet for a while, why not try one of our body scrubs or body wraps, as part of one of our spa packages?

If you’re more of a DIY kind of woman, ask us about our take-home product range, today! It will be the perfect early Christmas present for yourself or a fantastic little stocking filler.


Waxing, spray tans and lash and brow tints, are just some of the ways out beauty services can get you party ready in no time. Your naturally pale skin can become sun-kissed and golden, minus the UV damage and all your unwanted hair can be taken right off, saving you the hassle of having to shave your legs every couple of days.

Do you want to look your best this festive season? Call us on (08) 9245 8188 or fill in our online enquiry form to find out how we can help.